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Are you interesting in hearing more?  Not sure what a ‘rustic farm wedding’ entails? 

Before filling out the CONTACT US form available at the END of this page read on for all the information we feel is key to share…whether you choose our location or another you should know as much as possible about just what it takes to run this type of private event.  Here at OHB we thought it best to give you all the details in ‘Our Letter to You’…and after reading if you are interested in booking a tour use our Contact Us form to schedule a date and to ask any other questions you feel would help you in your decision making process.

We start with the basics of what a typical ‘farm/barn venue’ costs.  While the national average for a ‘traditional’ wedding coming in at just around $28,500 and having little opportunity to personalize your event, a rustic farm wedding, which is also considered to be a destination venue, comes in at just over this price and usually runs about $35K total cost once you bring in catering/bar/photo/florals/music etc for weddings of ~125.  Smaller number of guests are less and more guests … well… more;-)

Some clients have managed doing it in the $20K range but they are willing to host parties of a different style or be creative in how they manage their vendor selections.  Consider the costs closely as you determine if a barn wedding is right for you style wise … and fits into your budget.  Additionally consider that hosting a rustic farm wedding will require a lot more work on your part (or hired help budget allowing).  It seems to be the location of choice for DIY brides and those who love Pinterest and Etsy…so if this sounds like it is your idea of a dream wedding, keep reading.

Most can only offer their barns during the months of May thru October as a seasonal rental with a max of about 20 dates available in a calendar year so dates are very limited and often book up quickly, as do local area accommodations.  So best to set your sites out early to find your dream barn wedding.

There are so many little details that make a big difference, but we’ll provide you as much information (likely an overabundance) here to help you along the way.  First and foremost, quite simply, the right fit/vibe you get from who you are going into this journey with is critical.  What knowledge they have, what are they willing to share, and where they are willing to provide you flexibility and freedom.  This is a delicate balance and can make or break your overall experience.  After over ten+ years in the ‘barn wedding industry’ I’m creating a space that puts all the missing pieces together to make this process fun, exciting, and inspiring to couples.  Plain and simple we are renting you a farm that comes complete with everything you need to host a private wedding event.

As you might see and gather from the website, and even more on the FACEBOOK page (check there frequently for updates and “Like us”! ), we are in full swing now with our 2017 wedding season about to begin on this beautiful old farm from the 1800’s.  It’s going quiet well and I’m trying to share visually what’s happening as we move along.

Here are the basics of the barn/venue which comes at a venue cost of $13-$14K for all 2017 events.

  • You are allowed access to the farm starting 2.5 days prior to the date of your event (ie.  WED afternoon for a SAT event)
  • 8 bathrooms in the barn (2 full baths that are handicap accessible)
  • Interior of the barn accommodates 180 guests as a maximum occupancy.  Some clients with numbers over this amount choose the option of utilizing the barn for those interested in dancing and use the outdoor attached pavilion for dining …extended cocktail hours have become a great way to save costs, create a fun atmosphere and leave plenty of room for dancing.  Smaller weddings will have greater flexibility in how they layout their tables and use of space in the barn. Summer months include central air conditioning.
  • Multiple outdoor ceremony sites to choose from all along the creek and fields
  • We have many decor items that are available for your use: tons of mason jars, candle style wood/metal lanterns…and chinese lanterns, lot’s of vintage ‘stuff’ like suitcases, old books, wood ‘discs’ etc … too much to list…but could easily provide all the decor to personalize your event at no additional cost.  We even have an old red and white vintage 1965 Ford pickup truck great for photo opps…or for the big entrance of the bride or groom… 
  • Discounted and/or no fee rental items for up to 180 guests include a selection of:  handmade wood farmhouse tables, wood french crossback chairs, vintage mismatched china and silver-plated flatware, a selection of glassware and mason jars, vintage wood highboy tables for cocktail hour and a selection of other outdoor ‘furniture’ ( picnic tables, wrought iron lawn furniture and weathered wooden electrical spools).  We’ve collected lot’s of various vintage chairs, couches and other furniture to complete the look as you personalize the space with your pictures and other decor.
  • Weather permitting we run a bonfire during the evening so guests can toast marshmallows or simply hang out by the fire. 
  • A 4 passenger golf cart is available on the day of the event can be used by OHB staffer to shuttle guests needing additional help moving around on the property
  • Garbage removal is included.
  • A ‘portion’ or selection of produce, fruit, berries, flowers…as is available and ‘in season’ and grown on the farm for your use during the days preceding your event. 

Go LOCAL and save big!!  A list of local vendors is provided to support your event.  These vendors know the venue and our area, it is highly recommended you look to them first to support your event.

We can recommend a local transportation company to make coming and going simple for your guests.  Major hotels and vacation homes are within minutes of the venue, making your shuttle service easy and efficient!

All caterers coming onsite must be Board of Health Approved and we have excellent contacts with many local caterers and restaurants who can easily take care of all your needs for a weekend of activities.

The Owls Nest Cabin is a finished 2 story bridal suite cabin that is attached to the main house.  This was the original ‘Summer Kitchen’ of the old saltbox style farmhouse.  It’s rare to find these still standing and as our guests we are excited to offer this private space to the bride and groom on the day of the event so they can get ready for their big day.

Farm share plots: with pre-planning and discussion you can have ‘in season’ flowers planted specific for your event.  This is a very exciting way to bring ‘farm to table’ to life for your tablescapes!  Vegetables, herbs and fruit are all growing on the farm. We are happy to discuss options you may be interested in (ie. grow your own raised bed salad greens, cucumbers and tomatoes and serve them at your event).
More details on the barn:
Built around 1840, the main reception interior boasts all it’s original heavy timber construction with traditional two story hay loft style high ceilings.  We are very proud to be one of few, if not the only, historic barn in our area that offers fire suppression (aka sprinkler systems) in our barn.  With the large pavilion off the back of the barn you would never need to rent a tent here to host an outdoor ceremony…even if it rains you can still get married ‘outside’ under the pavilion and have the look of being outside (the ceiling of the pavilion is over 20 feet high so you are just surrounded by the outdoors)…this is a very defining characteristic and different with this barn to other barns in our surrounding areas.  If weather is beautiful, it can be used as a perfect cocktail hour reception area so guests can mingle around and are not out under the heat of the sun for the entire time while the bridal party and family are off taking pictures.  It is the perfect place to host a traditional contra dance!

Additionally with all new wiring and 400 amp service you have all the electrical capacity you will need without needing generators.

There are several beautiful ceremony sites to choose from, including ‘islands’ out in the back fields that can be accessed by wood bridges.  The landscape is rustic with wildflowers, cattails, willows and other natural trees all around…this will not be a ‘highly manicured’ landscape, but we will mow several nice areas around the barns for fun activities you may choose to bring and set up (like horse shoes or bocce etc).

Also note that we have invested in industrial ceiling fans that serve dual purpose of pushing down heat in the cooler temps and pulling heat up in the summer/hotter temps and these fans are in the barn and also under the pavilion so that a good air flow always circulates wherever guests are located.  Central AC and additional industrial fans will be included in summer months.

Accommodations in OUR AREA:  There are several beautiful vacation rental houses available thru and (use local towns of West Coxsackie/Coxsackie/Athens/Catskill)..additionally the on historic Reed Street is a great option and just 5 minutes away.  The 4 fully equipped studio apartments and spacious and clean, feeling more like loft living in the Village!  Walk outside your door to grab breakfast/lunch/dinner and then stroll along the Hudson River…it’s all here and only 5 minutes from the venue.

Some NOTES:  We run events here with our neighbors in mind and like to be respectful of the noise level.  Amplified music will be suspended by 10pm and most guests enjoy hanging outside under the pavilion or bonfire while they hitch the ride back on the bus. Our local pub (The Cask and Rasher) and a few area eateries (Downtown Bistro) are more than happy to have the last bus drop in for late night after parties.  The Quarry (about 2 minutes away) also stays open late and has a great bar for those really wanting to continue thru the night.  And finally don’t forget brunch the next day.  All these places and more serve up Sunday mornings with a proper send off for you and your guests.  Other great options for dining with breakfasts, lunches, and dinners during your stay can be had at Reds, Chrissy & Tim’s Diner, Paul’s Pizza, AJ’s, Griffins Market, Sbarro’s and Pegasus too…all these and more have been great vendors supporting our clients and their guests.

Again your arrival to start working on decor in the barn starts on WED afternoon with you packing out all your things by SUN around noontime…we provide this as a way to ensure you are not crazy working the day before your wedding…or worse the day of your wedding;-)  Everything should be done by Friday so you can relax, go for a nice rehearsal dinner and start settling in for the big day.  The farm is not rented out in ‘time slots’ to different people…it’s one event per week here. Our season starts in the spring and ends in the fall and each season comes with it’s own beauty and charm of an old world feel on a small town farm.

We will end by saying the flexibility you have of renting a farm and you having the ability of being on-site to manage your personal touches holds significant perks in being well rested on your day versus cramming in too much trying to get everything done in one or even two days!  A destination wedding is a great way to start your married life together with friends and family and we hope you will be inspired by our space.

Regards and look forward to hearing from you,

Kerri Corrigan
Owls Hoot Barn, LLC

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